Welcome to TakeawayMenus.es our goal is to be the number 1 online resource to find Takeaway Restaurants and view their Menu before you go to the restaurant for your Takeaway. We currently cover the southern part of the Costa Blanca area of Spain for Takeaway Menus however we will expand into the north of the Costa Blanca and the Costa Calida area as the site gains in popularity. This site is currently in BETA as we build the number of Takeaways you can find on the site.

You know what it’s like, you come to a place on holiday, maybe staying in a villa and you have been out most nights of your stay but fancy the odd night in but are not interested in cooking. So you think I know I fancy a takeaway but you don’t know the area very well, so you search online and can’t find very much information, you get a name of a place but you can’t find where they are or have no idea before you turn up to the place what they sell. TakeawayMenus.es solves this problem and more, in fact locals who have lived here for years love the idea as while they have their favourites, they are always interested in trying something new or different but the choices are limited to who they know and the places they know. Not any longer, thanks to TakeawayMenus.es 🙂

Our target audience is people living and visiting all places along the Costa’s of Spain, but like every new business we have to start some place, so we are starting in and around the Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa areas of Spain.

Site users, sign up to receive our email newsletter and we will keep you informed about new Takeaways we add to the site, once the user base is large enough I will start contacting restaurant owners to offer our members special offers and discounts, it’s free to join, so sign up now.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you can be listed on the site for free. We need you to complete a short form, and then post us a copy of your Takeaway Menu. That’s it, very simple steps to be listed on the website for free. All we ask is that you keep us updated when you change your menu by simply popping a new one in the post to us. Easy and Free!